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Sagan, Monette and Scalzi on SF Master Godfrey Winton
And Now, Poetry Corner With Athena
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Mark Helprin: Great Writer. Copyright Thinker? Not So Much
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Things That Would Be Cool: A List
The Dictator of Writing Announces His Decrees, Part I
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Yes, Yes. Cats and Captions. Very Nice.
Upcoming Events/Appearances
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So We're Clear On This: No Mob Scenes
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Dragon Page Cover to Cover Interview
Various & Sundry 5/14/07
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Mothers' Day 2007
Justine Larbalestier Rocks
My Post-SFWA Election Results Post
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I'm Your New Striker, Adelaide
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My "Live From Prairie Lights" Appearance
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My Nebula Awards Weekend Presence
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An Early Birthday Present From Me to You: "Pluto Tells All"
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What Sex is Sam Berlant?
Happy Birthday, Krissy
Four Self-Portraits, April 2007
Interview on
What She Said
The Whatever: You Get What You Get
TLC Review in Romantic Times
Also Out Today: The Outback Stars
A Small Reminder That One's Adorable Furbuddy is in Fact a Merciless Predator
The Last Colony is Out
On the Getting of Signed Books
One Week Until the Tour
April 23, 2007 is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day!
Yeah, I Couldn't Just Leave It Alone
Since People Keep Asking
Why It's Good to Have a Day Job
Grass and Sunsets
On E-Mail, the Deletion Thereof
TLC and Other Stuff
Lee Iacocca is One Cranky Old Man
Yes, I've Seen the "Quest for the Perfect Bacon Sandwich" Story in the New York Times
The Last Colony Review in the Pioneer Press
Ficlet Spotlight: Rachel Swirsky
Various and Sundry 4/10/07
Rock and Roll is in My Blood!
Pardon Me While I Roll My Eyes
State of the Scalzi
I'm Home
I Hate Flying
Happy Easter
A Question For You to Consider
"The Last Colony" Contests
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Notes From the Airport
Off to San Diego
Don't Say I Never Did Nothing For You
TAD2 Title; Wikipedia Picture
Reader Request Week 2007 #7: Short Bits II: Electric Boogaloo
Calming Your Fears Re: The Last Colony
Reader Request Week 2007 #6: Short Bits
We're Number One
Various and Sundry, 4/2/07
Spring is Here, Spring is Here...
Taking the Weekend Off: An Open Thread
My Big Geek Two Page Spread
Reader Request 2007 #5: Out of Poverty
Reader Request Week 2007 #4: The Inevitable Blackness That Will Engulf Us All
Author Interview: Alma Alexander
Well, That Didn't Take Long
2007 Hugo Nomination Thoughts
2007 Hugo Nominations
Reader Request 2007 #3: BaconCat Fame
Various & Sundry 3/28/07
Various & Sundry 3/27/07
Reader request Week 2007 #2: Coffee, or Lack Thereof
Last Colony Love
Reader Request Week 2007 #1: Justifying My Life
Before Any One Sends it to Me Again
Another Quick Note Taking Post, This Time Re: Author Interviews/Ficlet Spotlights
Notice Re: E-Mail
Male Jewelry
Apologizing for Idiotic Smackfights
The New Kid in Town
In The Category of Bands I Never Get Tired Of
Reader Request Week 2007: Get Your Requests In!
God Wasn't Willing
Disobeying My Wife
Off It Goes
Portrait of the Daddy as a Big Ol' Geek
On Inexperience (A SFWA - Related Post)
These Are Made of Awesome. And Fat
Comrades! Now Is The Time To Do Your Part For the Glorious Revolution!
Prometheus Award Finalists: TGB is In
Proof I Am Drinking Far Too Much Codeine -Based Cough Syrup
SFWA Election Update
Webb School of California Class of '87 RULEZ!
SFWA Election Blog is Now Up
TAD in the Winston-Salem Journal
As A Warning, There Will Be Absolutely No Context For The Following Statement
The Expectation Management Entry (SFWA Related)
One of the Few Things I'm With the White House On
Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Out in the Open (A SFWA-Related Post)
Ask John Scalzi Questions About His SFWA Presidency Run
Michael Capobianco's SFWA Presidential Platform
The Mockery! It's Begun!
SFWA President: I'm a Write-In Candidate
Author Interview: Elizabeth Moon
My Huge Super Expensive Book Video Promo Thing!
Three Quick Pimps, Plus a "Pimpin' Other People" Thread
From the "Why On Earth Would We Tell The Author Anything" File
A Quick Note About Ficlets; Comics Alliance
Uxorial Pictures, 3/13/07
My CyberPower PC
Writers, Editors, Publishers: Promotional Opportunities on the Ficlets Site
Announcing Ficlets
Servicing the "Shut Up and Post More Pictures of Your Cat" Crowd
Why Don't You Love Me (Vocal Mix)
Oh, Okay, One More Thing
Foods That Make Your Children Cry: A Participatory Thread
The Android's Dream: Chapter One
The Practical Argument Against Giving Alberto Gonzales the Boot
The Original Gay Marriage
Possibly The Best Thing on the Internet Ever
New Mexico Hearts Pluto
Once More With Feeling
Bang Bang Bang
I Can't Believe It. Just. Cannot. Believe it.
The Scathing Review Winner, or, This May Be the Best Whatever Entry Ever
Those Industrious Australian Scalzis
The Canonical 2007 Tour Date Entry
Who I Want to Write Like
Wednesday Author Interview: Jon Armstrong
New Tour Dates
Four Words I'm Not Entirely Sure Ought to Be Used in Combination, Ever
The Scalzi Creative Sampler
All you Philosophy Majors Will Have to Find Something Else to Argue About Now
The Libby Pardon Pool
The Official "Win a Copy of Coffee Shop" Contest: Your Scathing Book Review
Cherie Priest, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Me
Calling Out to My Australian Peeps
How Not to Self-Promote Here: A Self-Pimping Thread
The Privileged, Matrimonial Few
"The Last Colony" ARC Contest
Dearth of Political Ranting (Here)
"The Last Colony" Tour Dates: First Draft
TGB Prometheus Award Nominee, Maybe
Reading Russian, Poorly
Bye-Bye Winter
The Winner of the "Come Up With a Contest to Give Away a Copy of 'Coffee Shop'" Contest!
This Entry is All About Me (As if All the Others Aren't)
25 Copies of Coffee Shop Available; The Future of Coffee Shop
Being Poor is Hoping the Toothache Goes Away.
Author Interview: Hal Duncan
Cheese: The Universal 80s Constant
Deven Desai, Deven Desai, Every Single One of Us is Deven Desai
My New AIM Account
They Got the Idea From the Lesbian Seagull
2006 Nebula/Norton Nominees
Why You Wish You Were Me Right Now
The "Come Up With a Contest to Give Away a Copy of 'Coffee Shop'" Contest!
Subterranean Magazine -- Now Online! Plus, New Short Story From Me
Oscar Wrapup 2007
Exercising Your Franchise, Geek Style
Athena Experiments With Metaphor
Quick Final Oscar Notes
I'm Willing to Bet The Reporter Was Snickering His Head Off as He Wrote This Lede
More Money (Another Followup)
Money Entry Addendum
The Money Entry 2007: Science Fiction Income
Open Thread: Medical "Facts"
Movements and Reprehensibility
On Electronic Editions of My Books
Wil Wheaton on John Scalzi
Oh, Look, the Wolves are Here
Fog and Ice
Reviews and Interviews, 2/20/07
Under My Roof
The New Comprehensible, or, This is Not a Literary Manifesto, Thank God
Hitting the Target
Boskone 2007 Recap
TSD Review on
The Gutenberg OS
"Coffee Shop" -- 20 Copies Left
Off to Boskone
Two Reviews
Okay, Just One More
Im N Ur Snow, Eetin Ur Frozin Extremities
My Eyes, They Won't Stop Bleeding
Snow Day, Again
My Blurb Policy
Things My Daughter Does As a Child That I Never Did: An Occasional Series
Author Interview: Joe Hill
The Great Valentine's Day Snow-In of 2007
The Other Other Other Side of My Writing Life
In the Bleak, etc., etc.
Death is Coming! In Snowy Flakes!
Note for Folks Who Ordered "Sagan Diary" From Amazon
Heart-Shaped Box is Out, Plus a Pimping Thread
Just In Case You Think Everybody Loves Me
Coffee Shop Shows Up; TAD in Analog
The Exisitential Plight of Chester Chipmate
Coffee Shop Review at Green Man Review
My Wikipedia Article is Perfectly Cromulent, Thank You Very Much
Dropping Wiscon
The Current Background Picture
A Cheerful Thought
One Day This Cat Will Find Me and Rip Out My Throat
Today's Quote to Athena, Made That Much More Interesting By Its Utter Lack of Context
Because It's Never Too Early to Be Disaffected
Friday Petblogging
Idiot Telemarketers in Action, Part 13,772
Sundry Notes, 2/9/07
For Your Voting Pleasure: The 2007 Locus Poll & Survey
French Art, Bulgarian Sales
Sundry Notes, 2/8/07
Something for the Computer Geeks
Small Town Life: One in a Series
Move Under Ground: Now in Convenient Creative Commons Form
Curing Teh Gayz -- In Just Three Weeks!
Snow! In Winter! Amazing!
On Speaking Aloud
A Series of Casual Thoughts I Had While I Was Filling Out My Hugo Nomination Ballot and Looking at the Best Fan Writer Category
Holy Crap
Speaking of TSD...
The Sagan Diary: The Audio Version
Whatever Down and Now Back Up
The Hugo/Campbell Nomination Thread, 2007 Edition
Because I Have Not Yet Slathered Myself Thickly Enough Upon The Web...
Boskone Schedule
Kung Fu Cleaning -- The Aftermath
Super What Now?
Everybody Was Kung Fu Cleaning
Brain Like a Lumpy Custard
OMW in the UK
The Sagan Diary is Shipping
And Now My Incredibly Detailed Review of Windows Vista, Based on Strenuous Examination of Every Nook and Cranny of Microsoft's Revolutionary New Operating System That Will Change the Way You Look At Computing Forever!
Molly Ivins, RIP
Wednesday Author Interview: Adrienne Martini
The First Last Colony Review; Intriguing Pre-Review Comment
Chunky McChunkerson Gets His Fat Ass Off the Couch
Upgrade Day
The Place to Which the Good Ship Lollipop Goes
A Novel in a Weekend?
How to Hit a Deer
Off the Grid: An Open Thread
Happiness Is...
Technical Request
TAD Review in the San Antonio Express-News
Tempting, Tempting
Coffee Shop Review in Booklist
White Castle = Not Hamburgers
Sunset With Venus
Old Man's War, German and French Editions
Another Thing I Want To Know...
The John Scalzi Experience -- LIVE In YOUR Town!
Spanking -- And Not the Fun Kind
Androids of the Caribbean; Appearance Re-Cap
Found My Wallet
Reminder: Cincinnati, Here I Come
Sam Sale Update
All Right, People...
Speeches, Regarding the Union, State of
That Doggie in the Window
Early Oscar Thoughts, 2007 Edition
What to Know Before You Ask Me to Read Your (Unpublished) Work
LA Times Festival of Books; Ingram Lists
ConFusion 2007 Wrap-Up
The Sam Sale at Subterranean: Good Books, Good Cause
Heading Home
An E-Mail Note Plus Mini Update
Four Hours and Out
How Much You Should Write Each Day
Received, 1/18/07
Author Interview: Tim Pratt
January Appearances
How DRM is Like Guantanamo
When Dairy Products Tragically Overestimate Their Offensive Power
Cats or Cheese: A Reader Participation Entry
Questions Answered
Blasts From the Past
Hey! Your Truth Got Into My Book!
High Up There on the List of Truly Unexpected Award Nominations
Fans: What Do We Owe Them?
"Alien Sex" Artwork; TSD Release Date; TAD at Revolution SF
Thanks for Delurking!
Comment Thread for the Usual Gang
Delurk for a Dime
Why, Yes, I Am Fiddling With the Background Again
Snack Time is Truly Disturbing at the Wintersons
Newspaper Headline: "Scalzi Back in Custody After Drink Binge"
Bush's Speech on Iraq
OMW in Chinese
From the Department of Reaping What You Sow, Adorable Sarcasm Division
Wednesday Author Interview: Duane Swierczynski
What's Fun
Prelim Nebulas, Nortons and PKDs
Broken-Hearted Books
2007 Author Interviews: A Reminder
Official Request: Don't Taunt the Ohioans.
Some Nice News for The Last Colony
Rats! The Size of Buses!
In The Air Tonight
Ping and Pimp
Here, Have an Open Thread.
Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny
Smacking Around the Bigots, the Jeffersonian Way
New York City is Kicking My Ass
Made It.
Check Out the 1/8/07 Issue of the New Yorker
Off to NYC
Mike Ford Auction; TAD Speaks!
Start Spreading the News, etc.
TAD Bookgasm Review & Explorations Top 10 List
When Science Fiction Meets Its Own Future
The 2007 Award Pimpage Post
Where in the World Will John Scalzi Be?
Now in Magenta
Some New Year's Reading for You From Elizabeth Bear
Crazy Screechy Monkeys 1, Best-Selling Author 0
Some Whatevery
Happy New Year!
Goodbye 2006
A Fun Little Statistic for You
Kim Ng
My Favorite Albums of 2006
I Eated It!
Saddam Hanged
Books to Spend Your Gift Cards On
And Now, On an Entirely Self-Serving Note
World Domination via Blog Marketing: Don't Hold Your Breath
Resolutions for 2007
Professional Rejection
Android's Dream Accolade
My 2007 Literary Output: A Review
2006: The Year in Athena Pictures
Rembrandt, Up Close
A Fine Selection of 2006 Sunsets
Gerald Ford
All Caught Up (I Think)
Starship Troopers, The Movie: A Review
2006 Author Interview Archive
Comment Moderation, Etc
Modeling Only the Finest in Modern Sheep Wear
Merry Christmas
NYT Review Fallout
Whatever Best of 2006
Blindsight 2nd Printing; TAD Review in Flint Journal Review
Greetings From the Politburo
Exit Interview From the Seventh Year
On the New York Times Sunday Book Review Piece
Last Chance
Oh Noes! I Caught Teh Izlam!
Happy Family
One of the Great Moral Quandaries of Our Time
Are Short Stories Necessary?
On Carl Sagan
Congratulations Chad Orzel!
Unveiling My New Signature Quote
Two Upcoming Events of Interest
Joseph Barbera
Housekeeping Notes
Two Entirely Unrelated Thoughts
Meet the John Perrys
Peter Watts' Vampire Lecture
From the "What Does This Mean" File
Writing The Sagan Diary
Just How Terrifyingly Tuned I Am to the Early 80s
Bleep. Bloop. Zap.
You Can Get This Book For Free. You Should Buy It.
First Novels First Or Not
Ugh and Crap
How I Know It's The Holidays
OMW & TGB Collector's Editions
Confusing the Capitalists
Top 51 Personal Blogs in SF/F, December 2006 Edition
Leslie Harpold
Fiddly Bits, 12/12/06
Apocalypto Now
It's the Little Victories That Mean the Most
As Regards The Passing of a Notorious South American
More "Sagan Diary" Goodness
Please to Enjoy This Seasonal Photo Set, or Else
Proof, Damn You
The Sagan Diary Cover Art
And Now This Startling Admission
And Now This Critical News Flash
Fear My Gaping Maw
Let's Talk About Sex, Baby
An Interview With Sean Williams
Things I'm Learning As A Writer
Blue Mars
Kill Me Now, Ho Ho Ho
An Interview With Sarah Hoyt
Spammity Spam Spam
An Interview With Charles Stross
An Interview With Karen Traviss
SF Snark?
Audio Versions of My Books: Available or Not?
Pure Insanity
Empire, Elections and SF Promotional Philosophy
The Last Cat Picture of the Day, I Swear
An Interview With Karl Schroeder
Fun With Teh Catz
I Has a Karma
Be My Musical Guinea Pigs
Thump Pound Thump Pound Thump Pound CRASH
What I Suspect Will Be the Last of These for 2006
Jonathan Coulton Interview Excerpts (Which Are Actually Far Longer Than the Interview Itself)
Arrrr! Or Is It "Yarrrrr!"? I Always Get the Two Confused
Oh, Dear
Cover Me: A Musical Open Thread
Oh My God! It's the Zombie Patrick Henry!
Must. Not. Destroy. Computer.
A Small and Disturbing Moment in Home Maintenance
Some Good Advice
That Tinkling Sound You Hear is the Sound of a TV Advertising Executive Earning Her Wings, and Then Plummeting Straight Into Hell
For When You're Shopping Your Brains Out: A Bookseller Pimp Thread
Your GNR Report
John Scalzi's Culinary Discovery of the Day
A Special Edition of The Ghost Brigades
Head Trauma Can Be Fun!
Do you Know Where You Are? You're In Middle Age, Baby. And You're Gonna Die
A Little Respect for Pierce Brosnan
A Delightful Holiday Reheat
New Book Announcement
Random Thoughts Early on a Thanksgiving Morning
The Really Incredibly Clueless Opinion Column of the Day...
Reviews and Etc
Bright Red Clouds
Robert Altman, RIP
New Link for Subterranean Magazine #4
One of Those Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Sorts of Things
Phun With Philcon
Checking In, 11/18/06
In Philly
Ha on You: An Open Pimp Thread
Two Book Thingies Of Possibly Passing Interest
Hebrew OMW is Here
Official PlayStation Magazine, RIP
Busy, Busy
Subterranean Magazine Online, and a Sale
On Theocracies
In Progress
The Question for the Day
The Columbus Reading
Philcon Schedule and 2007 Convention and Appearance Thoughts
A Picture of Interest Only to True Blog Dorks
Heckuva Job, Rummy.
Election Observations 2006
Because I Haven't Talked About Me Enough Recently
Thank You [Insert Higher Power Here]
The "Hell Yes, I Voted" Thread
A Small Plea to the Right: Vote Left in 2006
Here's How Nuts It's Getting Out There
Monica Schroeder -- So Far
An Interesting Editorial
One More Thing
One More Thought Before My Brain Once More Collapses Like a Flan in a Cupboard
Catching Up on the Female Domination of Publishing
Catching Up on Incompetent War Administration
Catching Up on Evangelical Licentiousness
Status Update Update
Status Report
University of Chicago Magazine Article
A Real Live Luke 6:42 Moment for Evangelical Christianity
Election Analysis? Already?
The Last Colony Cover Art?
In-Store Promotion
TAD Giveaway
Coke Zero Haytas
Wednesday Author Interview: Catherynne M. Valente
My Appalling Lunch
Pale Autumn
Don't Fear The Reaper
The Most Unintentionally Funny Bit of Political Spittle Flinging You'll Read All Day
This Picture Has Got Everything You Need, or, Hey! My Book is Out!
The Occam's Razor Theory of Literary Rejection
TAD Photo Fun
Computer and Steve Brust Geekery
Sunsets and Open Threads
Some Encouraging News For Fans of the Separation of Powers
Infinite Repeating Android's Dreams, 10/28/06
How I'm Voting, or, Abort & Reload
Mmmm... Rude-osity
Infinite Repeating Android's Dreams
An Uxorial Portrait
Black and White
You've Been Reaped! Adorably!
New Jersey, Being Subtle
What? No Politics?
SCI FI Interview re: Android's Dream
Thank You Shelley Eshkar
When A Scalzi Sings
Doomed to Victory!
Moving Target
Another Auction for the John M. Ford Book Endowment
The Blessed Gift of Self-Censorship
Another Question for the Geeks
Calling All Geeks
Androids in the Wild
Instabounce: Still Working
Wednesday Author Interview: Cherie Priest
An Observation That Probably Doesn't Merit Its Own Entry, But Damn It, It's My Blog and I Can Do What I Want, So Stop Looking at Me Like That
An Interesting New Wrinkle in the Ohio Governor's Race
Posing For the Cover of Her First Punk Rock Album
The (Hopefully) Endless Cycle
What I'm Up Against
Two Cool Things
The Case For RSS Feeds
Meanwhile, In Ohio...
TAD Review on SF Signal
Philcon Update
Things I Wasn't Expecting to Get in the Mail, Example Number One
Quick Auction Update; Answering "Sagan" Questions
Eternal Spamnation
"The Android's Dream" Review in Booklist
Server Woes
The Lie of Star Wars as Entertainment
The Ghost Brigades Currently Sold Out on Amazon
The Android's Dream Review at SFRevu
The Last Colony Auction Winner; Announcing "The Sagan Diary"
Sunset, 10/09/06
Tidbitty Goodness, 10/9/06
Who's Next?
Another Travel Day
Mmmmm... ARCy Goodness.
Blatheration for a Saturday
Gaaaah, Redux
Gaaaaaah: An Open Thread
Wednesday Author Interview: Mark Budz
A Significant Event in the "Last Colony" Auction
Mark Foley's Upcoming Personal Disclosures
Steal This Auction Idea
Fiddly Bits, 10/3/06
"The Last Colony" Auction: To Benefit the John M Ford Book Endowment
"The Last Colony" Auction Comment and Discussion Thread
Just to Taunt All Y'all
Expect a Homeland Security Threat Level Ramp-Up Sometime Today
Pimping Cherie Priest and Clarkesworld Magazine
News From the World of Scalzis
Another Fiddly Widget
"Big Posts" -- How They Work
Here, Amuse Yourself
Tales of Horror From Years Gone By
On Moral Cowardice
You Little Witch
Speaking of the Technorati Top 100...
Little Thought-Like Emanations
Wednesday Author Interview: Jo Walton
Goodbye to the Free Phone
How to Make a Schadenfreude Pie
The Winner of the "Why I Deserve an 'Android's Dream' ARC" Contest
Re: That Contest Thing
Sometimes I Live in a Maxfield Parrish Painting
TAD Review at
The Old Media Toilers Help Themselves to a Heaping Slice of Schadenfreude Pie
John M. Ford
Weekend Update
Publishers Weekly on The Android's Dream
Deliver Me From Temptation, Temptation Being Amazon
Linky McLinkerson
Why I Deserve an "Android's Dream" ARC: A Contest
Hugo Chavez Had It Wrong
Public Speaking; Various Questions
The Popping Sound You Hear Comes From Conservative Heads Exploding Like Eggs in a Microwave
Thoughts on The Last Colony
Where I'll Be and What I'm Doing 9/20/06
New Look 9/19/06
Avast! Here Be a Scurvy Lass
The Last Colony -- Done!
TLC Final Push
The Other Cats Can Be So Cruel
Local Newspaper Love
Somewhere Popeye is Screaming in Terror and Confusion
Step Away From the Political Blogs
Thinking About The God Delusion
Eight Years of Whatever
Heading Back -- An Open Thread
Go, Senate Republicans, Go
Denver at Sunrise
Pretty Much the Last Thing I'm Going to Say on Bacon and Cats for a While, Honest
Two Quick Requests
In Retrospect, I Suppose It Was Inevitable
A Lesson on Teh Intarweebs
Clearly You People Thought I Was Kidding
One Man's Agenda
Capped Off
Marketing Envy
Clarion Moves
9/11 +5
Follow-up on "Don't Piss Off Krissy"
Stealing the Troll Food
Don't Piss Off Krissy
Things That Ought Really Not Have to Have Been Said in a Congressional Hearing, Yet Alas Had to Be
Don't Download This Song
September/October Appearances
Some Perspective on Being a "New Writer"
Open Thread: "Facts"
How to Make an Author Feel Special, Book Seller Division
Signed Editions of OMW & TGB, With Free (US) Shipping!
The Miracle of Teh Intarweebs
A Matter of "When" Not "If"
Sunset 09/03/06
Promoting the Cause of the Campbell (Tiara)
Some SFWA Inside Pool
Looking Back on "Being Poor"
In Other News, Spin Won The Best Novel Hugo This Year
A Minor Domestic Incident, As Related By Krissy
On Mail
Coffee Shop; Soliciting Subterranean Magazine Comments
If I Ever Teach College Students...
Reading Brought Back from Worldcon, Plus Book-Pimpery
מלחמת האדם הזקן
Word Choices
The Scalzi Award
"Where Has All the Science Fiction Gone?"
Something for Future Hugo Finalists to Consider
Apropos of Nothing in Particular
Blast From the Past
Back to School 2006
How I Spent My Summer Vacation
About The Campbell Tiara
Quick and Possibly Incoherent Thoughts on Awards and Etc
Look What I Got
Dwarf Planets
Whatevr 2.0
Representin' for the SF Publishing Hotties, Yo
Incidentally --
In Today's Episode of "Those Activist Courts"!
Reeking With Plutessence
If Only I Had Known
A Special Message From Scott "Pluto Hayta" Westerfeld
A Special Message for Scott "Pluto Hayta" Westerfeld
Peapod Classics
Justine on No Control
Commenting Note
Three things, 8/11/06
International Astronomical Union to the Pluto Haters: Suck It
A Brief Moment of Recognition for the People Who Comment
A San Diego Thing
First Chapter of Wings to the Kingdom
Follow-up on Crimes of Fanfic
Wednesday Author Interview: Naomi Kritzer
A Reminder
Lieberman in Exile
Crimes of Fanfic
Calling all Computer Geeks
The Tragedy of Orthodoxy
News That Makes Me Wish I Already Had My Site Up and in Full Effect, Yo
Daily SF/Writing Blog Reading List
How To Make Your Very Own Ice Cream Headache
World Fantasy Nominations & Android's Dream Artwork
Your Reading Assignment For Friday
More Sunsets
Various Bits of Bookpimpery
From the "What the Hell?" File
On the Best Artist Hugo Award
Sunset 08/02/06
The Forces Of Rationality Triumph, Undoubtedly Temporarily
Re: Mel Gibson:
Your Hugo/Campbell Blatheration Thread
Back in the Day
My LACon IV Schedule
Tidbitty Goodness
Coffee Shop Rescheduled
One Last Hugo Plug
Athena Giving You The Word, Fresh For '06, Sucka; Plus, a Blogging Self-Pimp Thread
Because Apparently I'm Just a Chatty Cathy...
Cincinnati/Covington Appearance
And Now, Another Exclusive Sneak Preview of The Last Colony You'll Remember For the Rest of Your Days!!!
Wednesday Author Interview: Ellen Kushner
Did I Mention: House For Rent?
Don't Stop Believin', Man!
Interview in Some Fantastic
Yeah, I'm a Dork
Every Night the ACLU Lawyer Will Have to Come Home and Scrub Scrub Scrub
The Value of (Long) Fiction Online
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
How Not To Market to Bloggers, Redux
Day of Play
Foil-Stamped and Embossed For Your Pleasure
La Guerra Del Viejo
What to Call Me
How (And How Not) To Market To Me When I'm in Blogger Mode
Friendpimping 7/19/06
Die Movable Type 3.3 Die
Hello, Wisconsin!
A Telling Sign Things Are Not Going Well in the Marriage
Geek Loser
Danger! Danger!
The Shit Bounce
And Now, a Special Sneak Preview of The Last Colony You'll Talk About For Years to Come!
Agent to the Stars on "Unshelved"
Discussion Topic
Quick Change
Bits and Pieces 7/15/06
Black Holes & Revelations
Note to Worldcon Members: Vote, Damn It
Athena Mix '06
The Missus
When Ministers Say Goddamned Stupid Things
Wednesday Author Interview: Alan DeNiro
The Best SF Book Art Advice You'll Probably Ever Get
Insipid Thinking
Two Points About Gitmo
Speculative Literature Foundation's Mentorship Program
20 Epics
Jiggity Jig
Readercon Wrapup
The Feminism of Old Man's War
The Top 50 Personal Blogs in SF/F, v. 1.0
A Sample Chapter of The Ghost Brigades
Book Report
Music to Slaughter Aliens By
The Prodigal Kitty
What I'll Be Doing at Readercon
Say Goodnight, Gracie
On Tonight's Episode of "Those Crazy Clones!"
Jim Baen, 1943 - 2006
Clouds and Rainbows 06/28/06
Also, Now That I'm Thinking About It...
The Blabbering Masses
Author Interview: David Louis Edelman
Back to the Amendment Junkpile
Subterranean Magazine #4 Update
An Unfathomable Cavalcade of Riches
Re: Flag Burning Amendment
Because I Am a Bad Bad Person...
And Now The Bad News
John Scalzi: Egotistical Toady-Loving Asshole?
Testify and Amen
The Great Book Triage of 2006
Why There Are No Great Video Game Critics (Yet)
New Favorite Photoshop Effect
You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows
Before and After
Some People a Helmet Wouldn't Help
Selection Bias
My Progeny, Her Self
Eleven Years
A Tiny Tiny Geek Moment
Friend-pimping Stephen King
Why I Don't Argue With My College Girlfriend
Jim Baen
Preserve This
Girl on a Swing
Presidential Oops
Wednesday Author Interview: Pamela Ribon
Athena on Flag Day
Writing Novels One Novel at a Time
The Dewey Donation System
Subterranean Magazine To Press
Odds/Ends, 06/12/06
Plagiarising the Whatever
Back from Kokomo
It's the Devil's Book!
Readercon in July
Way Down in Kokomo, Plus TGB Review
Representin' for the Geek Tribe
Wednesday Author Interview: Tate Hallaway
Writing Catchup
Grading the Amendment
Happy Devil Day!
Defending Marriage From the Marriage Bigots
Lack of Livejournalling
Synchronicity, of a Sort
A Decade of Freelance
An Irregular Guy
My Life Among The Big Fluffy Clouds: A Brief Photo Essay
TGB Review in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
My Kid Has More Writing Awards Than Me
Letters From Neighborhood Bigots
Bad News, Good News, Appalling News
New York City, Chock Full of National Monuments and Landmarks
Late Appearing Con Crud
The Fermi Paradox
Wiscon 30/06
The Perfect Man
Something to Hold You
OMW as VG?
Oh, Dear
Traveling Thursday
When Reviews Happen
Julia Spencer-Fleming Interview on By The Way
Help Me Build a FAQ
Word 2007 Beta -- Shiny!
When Birds Attack Patio Doors
The Other Campbell Award
We're Ruled By Morons, Part the Infinite
A Musical Dichotomy
Ghost Brigades Review in the San Antonio Express-News
Pictures from the Scalzi Compound
Justice and the Religious Right
Two More Motivational Posters
Professionally Photographed
Wiscon Schedule
Why I Don't Get Hired to Write Motivational Posters
Postcards from the Edge (or from Kokomo)
An Illustration for Subterranean Magazine
Testing Something (Again)
When Authors Respond!
Rock Kills Kid
Wednesday Author Inteview: Nick Sagan
Blast from the Past: Flaming Babies!
Riding the 404 Express
House for Rent
Ben Bova Loses the Hip-Hop Market Forever
Another View of Old Man's War
The Ultimate Humiliation
Whatever & Mac Firefox
Friday Night Open Thread
Birdie Birdie Birdie
I Can't Talk Now. This Line is Being Watched.
Robert Sawyer, American
Specials, Plus Free Pimp Zone
Your Wednesday Author Interview is Live
PlayStation 3 Pricing
Now You Know
Next Year in Jerusalem
Heinlein Centennial
Amazon Rankings and Non-Fiction
Nebula Award Winners
My 1998 Meandering Essay on Coca-Cola
Take Me Out, Etc., Etc.
Cue the AC/DC
I Am Router, Hear Me Roar
Fiddle, Fiddle
DSL Issues and Ice Cream Haiku
Other Stuff, 5/4/06
Amazon Prime = Teh Crack
Why I Dig My AOL Gig
Author Interviews on By The Way
"...she made loud laughter between a negative confrontation."
Sunset, May 2, 2006
A Poll.
Bestselling Authors Tobias Buckell & Charlie Stross
Colbert, Soup, Piss
As You Know, Bob
Early Notice
High Gear
Athena At Bat
Androids and Zombies
10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing
Quick Hits, 4/26/06
My MySpace page
Connie Willis, Cheap!
Quick Hits, 4/25/06
And Now, Some Marketing Coverage
OMW: Locus Award Finalist
Two Quick Self-Serving Links
Tea Parties in Science Fiction
Copyright Squares
Penguicon Notes
The 2006 Stupidest FanFic Writer Award Gets Retired Early
Coffee Shop on Amazon
A Quick Observation
Penguicon 4.0 Schedule
Agent to the Stars is Dead; Long Live Agent to the Stars!
Birthday Thanks
Purity Balls
A YA Thing
Nuggets, 4/18/06
Dia de las Krissy
All-American Girl
Pointlessly Wasting Money: A Quiz
Two (Well, Four) Reviews; also, Ambitions
And This Is What He Does
A Book Appearance, Not My Own
Richard Powers and SF Artwork
Cut Off, Continued
Cut Off
Puppy Pictures
OMW in Japan
On the Distribution Front
Copyedits Galore!
Testing Something
Links and Stuff
Everybody Welcome
Iran and Saber-Rattling
Cover Story and Cover Art
Will Republican Voters Grow Spines in 2006?
Appearances, Real and Virtual
A Musical Friendpimp
Useful Books for Teenage Writers
Interview, Review
Odd and Ends, 4/3/06
Award-Winning Author Cherie Priest
Thinking About Rich and Snooty Schools
Lightning Crashes
Murderous Rage
TGB Review in the San Francisco Chronicle
An Interesting Thought
Here's a Question:
Coining a Phrase: "Christian Victim Front"
A Grateful Nation Thanks Its President
DeLay's War
Adding Accelerando
Interesting But Unverifiable Facts About the 2006 Campbell Class
Spin, Accelerando and Old Man's War: The 2006 Hugo/Campbell Voters Electronic Editions
"Coffee Shop" and Subterranean Scalzi Sale
Writing Memes and Hal Duncan
Feeling Patriotic
Krieg des Alten Mannes und Die Geist Brigaden
Two Suns in the Sunset
Caught Unawares
Fred Phelps and Free Speech
News, Various Thoughts Thereof
Snakes on a Plane!
Dear Asimov's and Analog: Not to Complain, But...
Nomination Aftermath
Hugos and Campbells
Bow Down to Her Queenly Queenliness
Snow is Here
Snow is Coming
Take the Hit
Before I Forget --
Proof We Need Better 1st Amendment Education
Spring Look
St. Patrick's Day Blatherations
An Astronomy Workshop for SF Writers?
Magic Lessons
When People Who Don't Get It Attack
New TGB reviews
Coming Around to My Way of Thinking
Thoughts on An Army of Davids
The Money Entry
Subterranean Magazine Cliche Issue Available for Pre-Order
Philadelphia Inquirer Podcast is Up
If I Ran the Nebulas
Flooding, Plus Links
OMW Hardcover, Out of Print
March Madness, Scalzi Family Style
Another Side of My Beloved Wife
Pictures from Home
Reader Request Week 2006 #7: Writing on Writing
Reader Request Week 2006 #6: Paranoid Parents
Reader Request Week 2006 #5: A Political Judiciary
Reader Request Week 2006 #4: The Nintendo Revolution
Reader Request Week 2006 #3: Writers and Technology
Reader Request Week 2006 #2: 10 Childhood Nuggets
Reader Request Week 2006 #1: SF Novels and Films
Gaaaaaah, or, Please Stand By
An Excursion Into Short Story Land, Plus a TGB Review
Post-Oscar Thoughts
Going to the Chapel
Shortly Before The Explosion
Oscars, Campbells, Claire Light, Joe Hill, Amnesty International, Shenandoah
Reader Request Week 2006: Get Your Requests In
Yawncat Is Not Pleased.
Three Quick Book-Related Notes
Hangin' With the Larbalesterfelds
Dictionaries, VanderMeer, Pyr, Politics, Birthday
In the Groves of Academe
Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades e-Books: The (Semi) Official Announcement, Plus a Long Writing Screed
Octavia Butler
International Embarass Yourself as an Artist Day
Entertainment Weekly Review of TGB
Incompetence in Action
Uncle John's Visits Hollywood
Heh, and Indeed.
Free Speech For Everyone, Even The Dickheads
Subterranean Magazine Cover Art
Friendpimping on a Wednesday Morning
Athena's Latest Plush Thing
Miracles and Wonders, or, Holy Crap
Subterranean Sale
My iTunes Top Ten
The Ghost Brigades: Officially Out!
Back From Boston, Briefly; Also, New Interview
Off to Boston
Quick Review Linkage Plus Web Designer Recommendations Needed
Conversations With My Daughter, Thursday Edition.
Your Hugo/Campbell Recommendations
Ohio Board of Education Picks Up Clue, Sprints
I Can See For Miles and Miles
Oh --
Reviews Aggregator
Scalzi Sells Out to Sprint and the Chinese, and Other Tales
Writing Tips for Non-Writers Who Don't Want to Work at Writing
Clean Office, Clean Mind
Autographed Copies
The John Scalzi Agent FAQ
When Stupid People Won't Shut Up
The Power of Petey Compels You!
Achieving Bookosity
The Looney Tunes Characters Will Soon Be Looking For Work
TGB Review at SFSignal
Ursine Wisdom
NASA Becomes Marginally Less Stupid
Crystal Rain is Out!
Free-Speech Jackassery Built Right Here in the US!
Iranian Free Expression, Such As It Is
Another Review, and a Link, Oh, and Another Link
SFRevu Review of The Ghost Brigades
Prioritizing the Idiots
Norwegian Wood
Hate Mail is Done!
Writing Blah Blah Blah, 2/3/06
Music Pimpery
Ook! Ook! Ook!
I've Got a Boehner
For Those of You Who Like to Vote For Things Online
Boskone Schedule
The Return of Beer in Space
February Portraits
State of the Union
Anecdotal Evidence of the Long Tail
Just Because You're in Publishing Doesn't Mean You Can't Be a Moron
Oh, Dear
Early Oscar Thoughts, 2006 Edition
Out of Print
Ahead of the Curve
TGB in My Hands
Philadelphia Feeling
From Russia With Cats
Title Change for Writing Book
Philadelphia (and New York), Here I Come
The Canadian Example
DragonPage Podcast Interview
PW Review of The Ghost Brigades
ConFusion Writeup
Who Put the Bomp?
Selected Creatures from the Athena Collection, With Artist Commentary
Subterranean Magazine Update Plus Reminder
The Oldination!
Space Age Miracle Fiber Mattress
There is Always Another Way
SF Website Pimpin' -- Plus an Open Pimp Thread!
A Spin-Off
Blog-to-Books Award
Thinking Aloud on "Hate Mail"
Backdoor ID?
My Daughter The Poet
Learn by Doing
Personal Literary Events
January is National Literary Fraud Month!
The Return of the 30 Second Socratic Dialogue!
Rex in Repose
In Other News
Preliminary Nebula Ballot
One Other Thing --
Subterranean Magazine Cliche Issue Lineup
Coming to Philadelphia
Something Nice; Synthetic Confusion Schedule
Bainbridge Reads TGB
Doin' it For the Kids
How The Blogoverse Ends
Photoshop as Time Machine
I Write a Lot Here
Just a Thought
Testing Something
The Full Extent of My Personal Award Pimpage for 2006
Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day
OMW & TGB: SciFi Essentials Books for January
Welcome to 2006!
Stick a Fork in 2005
Fun, While It Lasts
Another Sighting; Also, Amazon Author Blogs
The Recline of the American Family
Variation on a Theme
I Require New Music!
The Chicago Tribune's Take on the War
The Big Time
Thinking About 2006
Old Man's War Trade Paperback Officially Out
Just So You Know
A Very Scalzi Christmas, 2005
It's Not Easy Being Spoiled
Found in the Wild
Whatever Best of 2005
Athena's Birthday Gift To You
Life Goals Past and Present
Making a Contribution
On Reader Requests and, Also, Iran
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Will Not Be Pleased
The Last Thing I'll Post About Bush This Week (Maybe)
More On That Whole Impeachment Thing
Outside Sources and Etc.
Small Happy Dance
The Impeach Bush Bandwagon
Son & Foe
Outreach in Action: Gateway Science Fiction
"Alien Animal Encounters" at Escape Pod
Science Fiction Outreach
Find the Old Man's War Trade Paperback in the Wild: A Contest
Mail Note
I Heart Instapundit, Part [Insert Large Number Here]
Bragging, Geek Style
The Little Things
Ice Storm
15 Things About Me and Writing
15 Things About Me and Books
The War on Christmas Has Its Subversive Element
Two Small Notes of a Literary Nature
Snowfall, With Dog, in Motion.
Christopher Robin is Out There in the Woods
Let's Judge Now
Standing Up for Dubya, Such As It Is
Final Subterranean Magazine Submissions Post
Adventures in Nucleation
Over the Wires
Things You Can't Tell About a Guy By Looking At Him
Submitting Elsewhere
Interesting Data Point
Christmas Reruns
How To Tell SF from F
Subterranean Magazine Submissions Update
How Not to Plagiarize
Random Thought About the War
What I'll Be Doing in 2006
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Goth
Firefox 1.5 on Mac: Not Ready for Prime Time
But Enough About Me...
First Review of The Ghost Brigades
One Song, Five Takes -- A Musical Meme
Off It Goes
The Editorial Process, Revealed, Kinda
An Interesting Condundrum
Geek-Related Activities
Political Rant, Boiled Way Down
Because Lack of Competence Should Never Be a Barrier
Thanksgiving Sky
First Snowfall Photoset
It's a Sale!
The Existential Tension of Photography
Basic Friend Pimpage
A Shout-Out to All The Childfree Folks Out There
Let There Be (New) Light
Space Heater: The Warmination!
La Guerre Du Vieil Homme
Pointless Early Friday Rant
Meet the Ni-Nins
Greetings to the Rat People! Or, An Announcement
EFF and Bloggers
The Surrendered Husband
Gamma Gamma Hey
Two Quotes
Thinking About COCOA
Intelligent Voting
Primarily of Interest to Family Members
What I Did With My Morning
TGB, Described
The Comedy Canon: A Meme for You
Returning the Favor
Eye-Roller of the Day
Fun With Royalties and other Book News
Mike Argento and the Dover, PA ID Trial
Rough Guide Movie Books: Pick a Canon
Patenting Plots?
Relevant Religious Positions
Sunset, 11/03/05
Another Helpful Cloning Hint
35 for 43
I'm Being Framed
World Fantasy Convention? What's That?
The Most Idiotic Star Wars Review Ever
Last Day for Subterranean Submissions!
Curious About Newspapers
My Big Fat Camera Experience
Useless Atheism
Look and Feel Update
Swing Swing Swing
Fiddle Fiddle
The Scandal Standard
Various Notes and Links 10/27
The Rock Family!
Chicago's First Team
The Document No One Knows About
The Mac's Back
A Note on the Day of the Passing of Rosa Parks
Uxoriousness, Flickr Style
More Proof Astrology Is Irrevocably Wrong
Guess The Theme
This Almost Makes Me Want to Go To Church
Reminder -- Get Those Subterranean Submissions In!
Ho Ho Ho, I Say -- Another Uncle John Book For Ye.
The Cat's Going Through an "Arty" Phase
Athena's Gothy Holiday Greetings!
What is Science Fiction Anyway?
Suffering the Idiots
When the Wind Blows
Meme-statizing the Canon
The Cynical Writer
Oh, My.
Clouds and Sun
The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies -- Officially Out!
What Writing Online is Good For, October 2005 Edition
What Passes For an Online Literary Feud These Days
Questions for a Soldier -- an Old Man's War Tale Addendum
Writers on Writers, And It's Not What You Think
Tech Geekery Which Promises Not to Be Of Interest to Anyone But Me
A Pop (well, bluegrass) Quiz
Work Wonkery
NaNoWriMo Revisited
La la la la la la la la
Questions for a Soldier -- an Old Man's War Tale
A Review of Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Bell Ringing
Story re: Subterranean Magazine on
Chrome Dome
Book Seven: Harry Potter and the Christopher Street Bathhouse
And Then They Made Her Queen of Their World
Mad Crazy Laziness
Things to Know About Clones, Addendum
Things to Know About Clones
Adapted From Life
Serenity Box Office Thoughts
Open for Business
Chicago Trip Photoset
Unfinished Business
The Geek's Lament
The Great Lakes Booksellers Convention
Okay, One More
Photoblogging as Threatened
First Shot
My Copyediting Sins
Mac, He Dead
Copy Edits and Cherie Priest
Taunting the Tauntable, Part 17,443
The Mother of All Bad Ideas
The Actress
Yet Another Subterranean Magazine Submissions Reminder
Being Privileged
Giving Direction for "Being Poor"
Conventioneering -- Warning: Geekery Ahead!
How to Tell your Sick Child is Feeling Better
Sunset 9/22/05
Another Uncle John Book!
Questionable Popery
Google Books
A Thought Exercise
In the Beginning
Why Daddy is not Allowed to Dress Athena
In Honor of a Special Day
An Unusual Request for Help
Play Ball, Part II
Catching Up on News
New Amazonian Sickness
AdvancedEntryEditing Plugin
Recent Books, 9/16
Guidelines for Publicists
Shelby's New Album
Seven Years
The Shiny New Toy
TGB Post-Mortem
In the Trib
The Ghost Brigades, Completed
TGB Update
Pathetic Writer Motivation Trick #459
Typus Interruptus
A September Moment
Comment Donations
The Speckless Sky, Revisited
Reaffirming Christianity
Katrina: Messages of Hope Blog
Migrating Blog Posts; Raisin Bran
Going Meta for a Moment
Being Poor Additional Comments Post
Noted Without Comment
Quick Followups
Oh Boy
Being Poor
An Adversarial Media
Condi's Shoes
Stupid, Stupid Poor
New Orleans
Subterranean Magazine Submissions Reminder
Rare By The Way Plug
The Soda's in the Bathtub
3.2 Followup Interview
Back to School
Additional 3.2 Notes
On the 3.2
Where It Comes From
Checking My Calendar...
Google Talk Address
Glub, Glub
Making Multiples
There Can Be Only One
Amazon Shorts
Y.A.S.P. (Yet Another Sunset Picture)
A Brilliant Goodbye
Sunset 8/19/05
A Web Entry I Could Not Write
An Amazon Depatment Too Far
Wanting to Be a Writer
Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies Arrives
Secrets and Lies
Hasten the Day!
Partisan Stupidity
Storm Clouds
What I Want, MT Plugin Division
From the "What the Hell?" File
The Fanfic Community Eats One of Its Own and Spits Out The Bones
Cake Vs. Pie: The Final Conflict
The Reading Stack 8/11/05
Odd Book and Other Book Notes
Schadenfreude in Kansas
A Request From Athena
Interaction Wrapup
Glasgow Clouds
The Official Off to Scotland Open Thread
The Myth of the Science Fiction Monoculture
Other News (Quickly)
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Thank You to The Guest Bloggers!
Finally, some real blogging
Ohio: The Heart of It All (Yeah, Right.)
Cat Vacuuming: A Post With Visual Aids
A final Thursday half-hearted shout-out to my peeps (or complete lack thereof)
They Call Him the Wanderer...No, Wait, Scratch That
Saturn Speaks
Doctors and lawyers and priestly ways
Agent to the Stars Arrives
Scalzi Mojo Winners
What Prevents Terrorism?
Watch Your Mouth
The AGENT TO THE STARS Contest Apocalypse is Nigh
Safe Travels, James Doohan
One of My Life's Great Mysteries, Solved!
The Search for Scalzi
D'oh! Accidently Deleted Comments
Monday Morning Shill
The Sky Is Falling!!! (Not!)
harry potter
Rape Dilemma
Teach them well and let them lead the way
See A Guest Blogger Live
Selling a Motorbike
Mmmm, Karen Black!
Pride and Joy
Time For A Change In The Language
Fifty years ago, and today
Wombatman Wombegins
Plans to stir get shaken
Don't Hate SF, Because It's Beautiful
Sing, O Muse
All Over Japan, Little Kids Are Shouting "Gamera!"
Small Press Tutorial
Personally, I Voted For Mike Judge. Huh-huh. Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh.
The Coming of the Antiscalzi
Gendering Everything
Farewell Ben
Outta Here
The July Look
Tidbits, 6/29
And Thursdays are safe with (wait...who's this guy - the one with the kid and such?)
Stuck in the Middle with You
My, it's hot in here!
Dashing in, slightly out of breath...
Testing, testing ...
Misspent Youth
Holy Crap!
Scardown Hits the Shelves
Winter In July, Film At 11
Meet the Guest Bloggers
Comments Out
Attempting Upgrade
Supreme Court Rulings, Etc
Soliciting Guest Bloggers
Cracking the Flag-Burning Amendment
Interaction Panel Schedule
Open Letter to the University of Chicago Development Office
Oh My God! They Look Just Like Us!
How to Get Your Ass Kicked
Two Rings
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town
10 Years Part 2
10 Years
So You've Stolen From Me: A Forgiveness Primer
Practicing for the Nursing Home
A Public Apology to Chad Brink
The Acclerando E-Book
Trackback Disabled
Parental Blather, 6/14/2005
Las Vegas and Two Unrelated Questions
Tat Me, Babe
Open Thread, 6/9/05
Moderating Addendum
World's Crappiest Interview
More on Moderating
Sympathy for the Publicist
Sunday Sky
Booklist Review of Agent to the Stars
Music and Book Memes
Music for Girls
Needed: Book Indexer
Not a Question, More of a Comment: Killing the "Naqmoac"
Quick Note About Comments and New Months
The Honeymoon is Over
All The Cool People at Wiscon
Feeling Madisonian
Kibbles and Bits
A Week's Vacation
Not Even the Doglings Were Spared!
Holy Crap
Old Man's War: A Recruiter's Wet Dream?
Revenge of the Sith -- The Long Form Review
Revenge of the Sith: The Mini-Review
Writing in the Age of Piracy
The Family Assassin
In Case You're Wondering --
Selling Science Fiction Books in 2005
My Wife Done Got Herself Edumacated!
The Stupidity of Worrying About Piracy
Scott Westerfeld's New Blog
Newspaper Writing
Portraiture Before the Storm
Old Man's War and Ghost Brigades Cover Art
Picture Pairing: A Meme
Why One Does Not Ask Rhetorical Questions in the Scalzi Household
What My Jesus Would Do
Early Tiger Thoughts
Writing On Spec
The Missus
I Like Rhapsody
Now We Call Him "Dusty."
Immortalized in Comic Form
Wiscon Schedule
Odds and Ends and Stuff and Crap
Checks, Books, Bar Graphs
My Daddy Went to Penguicon and All I Got Was This Massive Copyright Violation
Off to Penguicon
My Music
Who The Hell Cares What's Wrong With American SF?
Pollen Days Are Here Again
Sunsets and Popes
Odd Request
Krissy's Birthday
Reluctant Transformation
Reader Request 2005: Odds and Ends
Your Weird Moment of Synchronicity for the Day
A Special Edition of OMW
Reader Request 2005: Pot!
Full-On Geekery
Reader Request 2005: Beatles, Batman and They
Yet Another Scalzi...
It's Official: I'm Bi!
Reader Request Week 2005: Peak Oil
Reader Request Week 2005: Creative Commons and FanFic
Doubleblogging, OMW Review, Penguicon Schedule, Saul Bellow
Reasonably Large OMW News
Reader Request Week 2005: Get Your Requests In
Spring is Officially Here
Rex the Cat, 1991 - 2005
Type Type Type...
Bits and Pieces
Rerun Week: I Second That Emotion
Rerun Week: Counting the Days
Rerun Week: Big Gay Kings
Rerun Week: Visions of Hell
Repeat Week -- Goodies From the Lost Archives
Hugo Goodness
Little Bits
Welcome F6Rider and ValkyrieRiders Visitors
Ten Things About Literary Rejection
Spooky Girl
Agent to the Stars Cover Art
Clearing the Sulferous Air
Terry Schiavo
Seeking Submissions For SF Magazine -- Please Read The Whole Entry
Magic Or Madness
Priming the Pump
What SF is Great Literature?
What Publishing Is
The Greatest Athena Picture Yet
Class Act
An Earned-Out Universe
Hate Mail Entries
Quick Basement Update
James Valvis at it Again
Glub, Glub
The Most Sensible Damn Thing Anyone's Said About Same Sex Marriage
I For One Welcome Our New Storage Overlords
The Edge of Finances
"Patriotic" Dumbasses, Junior Division
What I Want: Not a Meme, Just a List
Visions of Mad Doctors
Mock Up
Campbell Awards Trivia
A Snippet From the Edward Gorey Players
Reviews & Interviews, 3/7/05
Moon River
Play Ball
A New Euphemism For You
The Secret Radio Interviews No One Knows About
First Novel Delirium
Laurence McMillin, 1923 - 2005
The Virtue of Smaller Markets
Your Wednesday Open Thread
Cool Book Club News Which Segues Into Shameless Shill
Just a Thought
Asimov and the Cleti
Completing the Trifecta of Adorable Cat Abuse Photos
The Winner of the "Let's Mock Scalzi" Contest, And Other Odds and Ends
Agent to the Stars -- Available for Pre-order
The Why of Writing
Virtual Book Tours
For the Grandparents, Relatives and Various and Sundry Friends
I Know, I'm Weak...
Let's Mock Scalzi: A Contest
I Never
Hunter S. Thompson
Just So We're Clear:
Annoyed! Arrrrr!
The Problem With Parents
Washington Post Review of OMW...
10 Things I've Done You Probably Haven't
Jeff Gannon, Liberal Victim
A Vaguely Word-Related Post
The S.L. Viehl Memorial Self-Pimpage Entry
PublishAmerica Douses Self in Kerosene, Lights Match
"Agent" Info and Appearance Reminder
Covenant Marriage is Stupid
2004 Nebula Nominees
Scalzi's Overloaded Minestrone
Happy Valentine's Day
HTML in Comments
A Link You Don't Get Every Day But Should
My Musical Top Ten
Moderated Comments
My Politics Since Bush
The Money Involved
The Trackback of the Beast
Other People's Books
Finding Old Man's War
Some Booksluttery, and Cover Art
Amazon Best Seller, Blah Blah Blah
SF/F Novel Advances, Continued
A Review in the Chicago Maroon!
Old News
Little Bits
Booklist Review
Athena's First Story
Acting Like a Grownup
Another Confederate Smackdown
Voting is Done
SF Chronicle Appearance, and Men's Packages (Largely Unrelated Topics)
Interview and Signing/Appearance
Entertainment Weekly Review for Old Man's War
Oscar Nominations
A Musical Interlude
Midnighters Down Under
Confusion 31 Wrapup
Some Excellent OMW News
The Last Voyage of Nemo
ConFusion 31 Schedule
The Return of the Disclaimer
Comment Spam
Recent OMW Notices
OMW Availability Update, Plus Signings
Artwork for Agent
Justine's Site + OMW News
The Politics of SF
Design Note
More Details
Agent to the Stars: Sold
A Pan, For Your Pleasure
Genre Advances
Celebrity Books
Atom Feed
For the RSS Feed Subscribers
Briefly Noted
Short Works
A Terrifying Moment of Personal Introspection
Word Processing
Commenting Note
OMW Availability
Cover Art
More Confederate Stupidity
Frank "Skeeter" Scalzi
Hard-Earned Wisdom
Another Review for OMW
SFRevu Review & Interview + SF Book Club Release
Bye Bye 2004
Ringing the Bell for Christ and the ACLU -- Again!
On Rudeness as a Rhetorical Tool
Maxims for Believers
Heh heh heh.
Maxims for Non-Believers
Get Hammered
Whatever Best of 2004
Athena's Message.
Novelist Money
Ringing the Bell for Christ and the ACLU
Winter Wonderland -- The Day After
Winter Wonderland -- Or So They Say
Kristine Scalzi's Kahlua Cake: The Extended Director's Edition
Why I'm an Independent
The Author's Heart Thrills And Fears
Merry Christmas, You Godless Jerk
Yes Virginia, There Are Christian ACLU Lawyers
Hateful Christmas Songs -- An Audience Participation Entry
Quick Note of Thanks
On the Agenda
John Scalzi's Utterly Useless Writing Advice
There We Go.
Another Appearance
Cultural Note
Why Christmas
Favorite Science Fiction Authors, Circa 1998
Online Friends
OMW Store Spotting
Wallowing in ConFusion
Google Guessing: An Ego-Surfing Game
Master of My Own Domain
So That's Where They Went
Hotel Scalzi
Old Man's War Availability Recap
More Book Blah Blah Blah
The Glorious Appearing -- A Contest
Agent Back Online
Box O' Books
Three Minute Perfect Pop: A Musical Meme
Oh, Goody.
Sarah's Sister
Writerly Thoughts, 12/7
"Holiday Specials" is on The Move
Good Day, and an Ethical Question
It's Like Living in the Future
Leave a Comment
The Publishers Weekly Review of "Old Man's War"
Sleep Deprivation Delirium
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The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time
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