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May 25, 2007

OMW & TGB Limited Editon Cover Art; News From Russia

As many of you know, Subterranean Press will be producing a special limited edition (400 copies) of both Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades, each of which will include full color illustrations by the fabulous Vincent Chong. To give you an idea of the utter coolness that Chong is bringing to the proceedings, I'm happy to present to you the covers for the limited editions:

Excellent? I think so.

If you're interested in pre-ordering these limited editions, incidentally, here's the link for OMW, and the link for TGB. They're not cheap ($60 for the limited and $250 for the lettered edition), but there are bragging rights involved. Plus the Chong illustrations, which -- I swear to you -- are cool beyond reckoning. Incidentally, those of you who picked up the limited edition of The Sagan Diary and are also thinking of picking up the limited editions of these books will be able to have the edition number of your books match (i.e., if you have #277 of TSD, you can also get #277 of OMW and TGB) for even more collectorish goodness.

Now, news from Russia: Russia becomes the first foreign market to have a complete set of Scalzi novels, as we just sold Agent to the Stars, The Android's Dream and The Last Colony to Eksmo, which previously bought OMW (which is out already) and TGB. OMW must be doing okay for them. Needless to say I'm pleased, especially about Agent -- it's entirely likely that the first Russian printing of Agent will be larger than the first English printing. And that's kind of cool.

Posted by john at May 25, 2007 01:44 PM

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Chang, for rizzle. | May 25, 2007 01:51 PM


Not even the joy of being the first poster offsets the anger I feel at the mere thought of knowing that I haven't got the will to not shell out for these even though I have the originals which are way !@#$%#@ cool in their own right with the original artwork.

Does lettered mean signed by you? Cuz then I can get these for Mrs. Chang so she can have her own Scalzi books.

Damn you, sir. Damn you and here comes my money!

John Scalzi | May 25, 2007 01:53 PM

"Lettered" means that instead of having a number, they will have letters (they'll also come in a nifty try as well). They will all be signed, of course.

Chang, for rizzle. | May 25, 2007 01:55 PM

Ah, even better.

So what if my kid doesn't go to college! At least I know when I look at these that Athena gets chauffeured to 3rd grade next year in a hovercraft.

Steve Buchheit | May 25, 2007 02:02 PM

Squish! Hmm, so why would the artist have picked *that* scene? :)

Although, I'm getting terrible cross noise from my memory of WWII propoganda posters. Boots seems to be a fetish of some posters.

Steve Buchheit | May 25, 2007 02:04 PM

I also like how the only "color" in the OMW cover is on the heel of the boot.

Howard | May 25, 2007 02:06 PM

Any word on if Sub Press will get the rights to do The Last Colony, too?

Kate | May 25, 2007 02:12 PM

Oh the dilemma.

Do I buy the books, or do I buy the dress I was hoping to wear to the pseudo black tie event at THC in July?

Looking smashing after losing a ton of poundage in a dress at a prestigious event and meeting the author of the books, or buying the super cool editions to match my Sagan Diary number.

Curse you.

Curse you, hard.

John Scalzi | May 25, 2007 02:14 PM


It would depend on Tor. I would imagine so at some point. At the very least, it's highly unlikely that it would come out from another small press publisher, since I'm not inclined to offer it up to anyone else.

Shawn Powers | May 25, 2007 02:31 PM

Wow, those really do look great. Not that I don't like the Tor covers -- but if I saw these on the shelf at a book store, they'd really catch my attention.

John Scalzi | May 25, 2007 02:33 PM

The printing numbers on these are low enough that I would be surprised if any make it to a bookstore, Shawn.

chang, who is not chang | May 25, 2007 02:35 PM


Tetrahydrocannabinol? The Hacker's Choice? Texas Historical Commission? The History Channel? Thermohaline circulation?

I think you should buy the dress, Smashing Kate. It would be appropriate for any of these occasions.

The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

Anonymous | May 25, 2007 02:46 PM

If only you'd used edition #235 as your example, I would have felt so special...

Dawno | May 25, 2007 02:51 PM

um - I'm the "not so special" anonymous one above...I had previously set the "Remember Me" to yes and neglected to enter my info. not realizing it was set to no now.

Kate | May 25, 2007 03:27 PM


The Heinlein Centennial

John Scalzi | May 25, 2007 03:38 PM


I'd vote for the dress too, personally.

Berry | May 25, 2007 04:19 PM

Loaded with awesome!

Shawn Powers | May 25, 2007 07:45 PM

The printing numbers on these are low enough that I would be surprised if any make it to a bookstore, Shawn.

Yeah, that's sorta what I was getting at. It's sad they're not going to be in stores, because they have great eyeball sucking qualities. The good kind, of course.

Chang, for rizzle. | May 25, 2007 10:08 PM

My vote is for John in a dress at the Heinlein Centennial.

Joe Sherry | May 25, 2007 10:36 PM

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Especially the OMW cover.

Kate | May 25, 2007 10:39 PM

John, just don't wear the same dress I am. That's just scandalous.

John Scalzi | May 25, 2007 10:40 PM

Oh, I'll be there in a delightful pantsuit number. You'll plotz!

Dennis | May 26, 2007 03:39 PM

If anyone missed out on getting a copy of Scalzi on Writing, I'm selling mine on Ebay to raise funds for these editions...


Shara Saunsaucie | May 27, 2007 04:11 PM

Fantastic covers. I'm very fond of the one for THE GHOST BRIGADES.

bensdad00 | May 27, 2007 05:27 PM

I dropped in and ordered #41 of both to match my TSD and was happily suprised to find a selection by Ted Chiang there for preorder as well (I just finished his first book of collected stories) - has anyone else here read him?

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