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January 03, 2007

Off to NYC

No, not right this very second. It's 12:30 am. I need to sleep first. But I do have a relatively early flight, so I'm not likely to update again until I'm in NYC. As noted earlier, don't expect a huge amount of updating over the next few days, since I'm not flying to NYC to hang out in front of my computer. Also, if you're sending me an e-mail, expect longer delays in replies than usual. And no, I'm not going to bring you back anything from NYC. There are too many of you. I couldn't fit all those I (heart) NY Beanie Baby bears into my carryon luggage. Sorry.

In my absence, here, have an open thread. Do what you will with it. But be gentle. It's its first time.

Posted by john at January 3, 2007 12:29 AM

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Annalee Flower Horne | January 3, 2007 02:14 AM

Have fun New Yorkin' it.

Bruce Adelsohn | January 3, 2007 02:48 AM

I'll wave as you come in for a landing. Have a good stay here in Fun City!

MWT | January 3, 2007 03:10 AM

It's its first time.

I like the demonstration of the proper uses of "it's" and "its" in that sentence. The rampant misuse everywhere else is seriously getting on my nerves.

fishbane | January 3, 2007 03:52 AM

If you have enough free time, and need a good meal in Brooklyn from someone you've never met, email me. I like you, and I suspect you'd like me. I don't expect anything, of course - I wouldn't take me up either. But I live here, and love bacon.

G. Jules | January 3, 2007 07:06 AM

The building on the header looks very sad. Buildings in NYC always have other buildings right near them for company, but that one is all alone.

(What, magical thinking can apply to trade paperbacks but not to buildings?)

cisko | January 3, 2007 07:21 AM

Just bring back a fresh New York attitude for the rest of us. You gotta problem with that?

JulieW | January 3, 2007 08:13 AM

Eat a knish for me. Mmmm, and a falafel. Mmmm, and a bagel. Mmmm, and some cheesecake pizza hot roasted nuts from a streetcorner vendor gelato sushi latkes hot sausage ukranian jamaican fondue gyros ... I miss NY!

Sean | January 3, 2007 09:21 AM

I've never read by the way, interestingly enough, though I've been following Whatever now for a good long time.

...should I take a look?

Nathan | January 3, 2007 02:04 PM

And over here on the open thread......

Am I a moron or what?

I'm reading my nine-bazzilionth version of the Merlin/Arthur story (in this case Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle).

So why the hell am I always surprised when things start turning to shit for Merlin?


J | January 3, 2007 02:12 PM

I will use open thread for the same thing I use empty conversations for.
Visit my fansite for NBC's "The Office"! Its called "The Dundies", and I am in the proscess of writing award-form recaps of every episode ever! Right now I'm catching up to where we are in Season 3, but then I'll do seasons 1 and 2. Click on my name to check it out!

Gordon | January 3, 2007 03:29 PM

JulieW: Damn, I miss bagels. I've been a lot of places in the last 5 years, and none of them did bagels worth a damn, if at all. Although I have had a lot of pretty good local food, so it's not so bad.

Because it's an open thread, and I can:

Expedia is a cool idea, but its site is making me incredibly frustrated.

What the hell just happened to the stock market? Argh.

It is some damn nonsense to force people to schedule leave dates three months in advance for someone else's convenience. If this ends up costing me money, I will raise hell.

Reckless Kelly does a great cover of ACDC's "Shook Me All Night Long."

NYC is a great city. I can't remember the last time I was there, though. Glassjaw at the Roseland, maybe? Damn, that was a minute ago.

You can see what appear to be spires of smaller buildings to the right of that one, so maybe it's not lonely, just surrounded by height-challenged comrades.

Chang, who gets nothing! | January 3, 2007 03:36 PM

Great! Now what am I supposed to do with my stalking and OCD time? Get a hobby? A real job? Pack for my move? WTF???

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