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December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Here are two wonderful gifts I have this Christmas Day.


I hope wherever you are, you are with those you love, or at the very least are holding them close in your heart.

Posted by john at December 25, 2006 12:10 PM

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Heather | December 25, 2006 12:30 PM

Best gift you ever got... I love these girls. Have a very Merry Christmas brother & kiss those girls on the fork head for me.


Chang, who gets nothing done... | December 25, 2006 01:55 PM

Merry Xmas, Scalzi's!

Merry Xmas to all Whateverer's!

Jacob | December 25, 2006 03:04 PM

I got Android's Dream from my family. Well a gift certificate which I used to buy it, but same diff.

Kate Baker | December 25, 2006 04:20 PM

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and success continues to follow you throughout the new year.

-- Kate

Martin Wagner | December 25, 2006 05:11 PM

Christmas? I thought it was Monday.

John Scalzi | December 25, 2006 06:04 PM

Some years, it's both!

Soren | December 26, 2006 12:22 AM

I have a glass of scotch and some very pricey chocolate biscuits. Merriment is no problem.

Steve Buchheit | December 26, 2006 01:15 AM

Merry Xmas, Scalzi family.

Lisa | December 26, 2006 01:30 AM

Merry Christmas, Scalzis!

I guess it is technically over now, but hope it was a great one. We had a nice one here as well. (So much fun with kids, innit?)

Djscman | December 26, 2006 01:42 AM

That is a nice bear! Nice earrings too. You're lucky you found those people to model them in front of the camera.

Merry Christmas.

Nikitta | December 26, 2006 08:00 AM

In Scandihoovia, Christmas is the 24th.

None the less, I wish you and your family happy hollidays :0)

rayyy | December 26, 2006 10:00 PM

Sorry - too late for the ol' "Merry Christmas" routine (looks like you had a dandy one anyway)

How about, "Happeeeee Nooooo Yeeeer" instead? Yes, it's a bit early, but I'm killing time cleaning up my PC and it'll be a miracle if it's all working before February :)

Later (hopefully)

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