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November 23, 2006

New Book Announcement

In the previous entry I hinted that I had a little something that would help me replace the income I lost when Official US Playstation Magazine went down the tubes, but said I couldn't discuss it yet. Well, the person who can give me clearance to discuss it happens to read the Whatever, and he's given me permission. So:

Tor's asked me to write a follow-up to The Android's Dream, and I've said oh my, yes. We're aiming for an early 2008 release, which means I will have to start writing it, oh, probably tomorrow. At the moment I can't share much in the way of title and plot, because I'm still thinking of all of that. But I will share with you the very first sentence of the novel, which should have some added amusement for those of you who have already read the TAD:

"Judge Sn's assassination was really getting in the way of his golf game."

Yeah, I'm going to have fun with this one. Which is, incidentally, one of the reasons I was really happy to hear that Tor wanted a follow-on to TAD. This is a universe that is a kick to write in.

Some of you who follow my career with stalker obsessiveness will note that my agreement to write a TAD follow-up in an expedited fashion means that The Secret Project I Can't Tell You About gets bumped back until after I finish this book. I'm fine with this because with TSPICTYA, more research time is not a bad thing. This isn't the first time that a novel of mine has gotten bumped back for another; The Android's Dream was originally slated to be my second book from Tor, but had its release date bumped back after OMW took off and Tor wanted another book in that universe. These things happen. The important thing is that I'm getting paid to make things up. The order in which they're released is a small matter after that.

Surveying my next twelve months (which is not the same as the next calendar year, by about 8% or so), this means I am writing two novels, a novella, a novelette, an as-yet-undetermined number of short stories, and an update to one of my non-fiction books (on top of whatever other ephemeral writing I'm doing online and in print). 2007 should also see the release of one novel, one novelette, two and a half non-fiction books, and an as-yet-undetermined number of short stories. Some of the latter group are in the former group; some are not. Also, of course, this being the writing/publishing field, all of this is subject to change instantly and randomly. However, it certainly beats working.

Among the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving day: That I get to write, that I get to support my family through that writing, that I get to write things that are fun for me, and that when I'm done writing it I get to share all of it with other folks. It's a good life, and I'd be an idiot not to realize how lucky I am. I'm not an idiot. I'm thankful, and the people to whom I'm thankful for all of this includes you guys. So: Thank you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Posted by john at November 23, 2006 10:07 AM

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Jeff Hentosz | November 23, 2006 10:20 AM

I'm not sure "stalker" obsessiveness is accurate or fair. You want to talk about work? Yeesh.

But thank you, for not, you know, working. And for sharing.

Hey, pie!

Scott Mactavish | November 23, 2006 10:26 AM

All I got was a rock.

Heather | November 23, 2006 10:27 AM

WOW JOHN!!!! kickin some ass!!! I love you much...kiss the girls. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Your Favorite BIG sister...H

Lawrence Schimel | November 23, 2006 11:06 AM

Mazel tov on the new book!

Not being able to get to the TSPICTYA because of too many other contracts is just one of those happy complaints (and another thing to be thankful for).

Rollerball | November 23, 2006 11:25 AM

Wow, talk about great news! I just finished TAD, cracking up most of the way. Great story, great lines. I look forward to the follow-on to TAD as well as TSPIC...whatever.

John Romkey | November 23, 2006 11:39 AM

I'm thankful that you get to write, too! I finished TAD a few days ago while traveling and had a great time reading it.

Robert Rummel-Hudson | November 23, 2006 11:41 AM

Very cool, congratulations! Your continued good experiences with Tor is encouraging to me as I kick off my relationship with St. Martin's. Julie wanted me to tell you that she faces out your books whenever she walks through her store.

John Scalzi | November 23, 2006 11:49 AM

Tell Julie she's super-mega-ultra awesome, and thanks.

Paul | November 23, 2006 12:21 PM

Compare yourself to Douglas Adams for me. Do it now.

Chang who is inkredduloose! | November 23, 2006 12:28 PM

Oh fuck that's awesome.

Fuck I swore!

Shit, I swore again!

Seriously, that's so great. You are a great writer and I am very happy for you. I love TAD and can;t wait to read the follow up. I like Judge Sn, though, so I wil miss him. He was crankey with a proboscis.


John Scalzi | November 23, 2006 12:29 PM

Chang, it remains to be seen if his assassination attempt will be successful.

Paul, I would not compare myself to Douglas Adams. His sense of humor is rather a bit different. He's sold a few million more books than I am. The only thing I have up on him at this point is that, well, I'm not dead.

Chang who is inkredduloose! | November 23, 2006 12:50 PM

Ah, good. Wow, I am filled with some weirdly almost unbearable happiness about this. Perhaps it is the day in which I have much to be thankful for and the fact I am exhausted and prone to emotional swings like Liza Minelli on a Botox jag.

That said... I think about the prospect of what TSPICTYA might entail and I am very eager to find out what it is.

And do you really have a sister? I thought you spring from the womb fully formed and sporting a tiara?

Nice pics on Locus, BTW. You do look like some demented present day Roman Emperor from another demention.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Whatever peeps. I need to go get drunk on turkey and wine now.

Eddie | November 23, 2006 01:27 PM

Always the same problem with you writer types. Takes you a year to get out a new book and I read it in a couple of days.LOL!

I did enjoy TAD immensely and look forward to the follow-up.

Not all obsessive fans are stalkers fortunately.

Here's wishing you and your family a great Thanksgiving.And to all the Whatever readers.

Soni | November 23, 2006 02:05 PM

Always the same problem with you writer types. Takes you a year to get out a new book and I read it in a couple of days.LOL!

Yeah, I'm hoping that these new experiments in creating quantum effects with larger and larger items will eventually result in Scalzi being able to split off enough quantum versions of himself to keep us all reading. Sorta like the million monkeys with typewriters thing, but more statistically predictable results. And sheep.

Thomas Nixon | November 23, 2006 04:21 PM

this means I am writing two novels, a novella, a novelette, an as-yet-undetermined number of short stories, and an update to one of my non-fiction books (on top of whatever other ephemeral writing I'm doing online and in print).

No turkey for you. You need to be writing now. Yikes and double yikes!!!

Have a great thanksgiving!

ronbailey | November 23, 2006 06:36 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Dan | November 23, 2006 09:42 PM

Funny thing, I genuinely imagined you having a hell of a lot of fun writing The Android's Dream, and to hear that you are excited and having fun with the next installment, that seriously guarantees I'll pick up a copy.

Adam Ziegler | November 23, 2006 11:32 PM

Yeah! Congrats.

Judge Sn was my favorite character from TAD. I hope the old bastard lives, or at least makes his put before the end.

Jay Lake | November 23, 2006 11:37 PM

Good on you, sir. You are an inspiration.

Irene | November 24, 2006 12:19 AM

Cool, John. You'll have to give us another good title to play with.

Steve Buchheit | November 24, 2006 12:51 AM

Congrats on the novel sale, John. And, gee, it doesn't sound like you're going to be too busy this year. What are you going to do with all that free time? :) Good thing you've got that new swankin monitor.

You've said Douglas Adams was a major inspiration, and I've seen the allusions you drop in your books, but when I read your quote above I thought of Brust (who can crack a mean joke when he wants) and "No matter how powerful the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style."

Andrew Cory | November 24, 2006 01:46 PM

Is that pace typical for you? I don't know how to ask the rest of the question without being insulting, but let me say that I'd prefer quality Scalzi to rushed Scalzi. Though I must say that I'm encouraged by your taking time to do research for the secret project...

John Scalzi | November 24, 2006 03:11 PM

Andrew Cory:

"Is that pace typical for you?"

Pretty much. Don't worry, I won't let get published anything I think sucks.

Alienlove | November 24, 2006 04:07 PM

Congratulations on your escape from that toilet called "OPM". Let's hope your next job gives you a better fan base. You know... Like people who write "properly", or who's shit doesn't stink. "Oh, la, dee, duh, aren't videogames for bad kids (that's why you don't write about them here)". Oh well, good luck... By the way about what you wrote in the "Little Man" review about trading the Wayans family for Richard Pryor... Yeah, it might be funny to see a foul smelling zombie Richard Pryor mummble incorherently. You can barely hear him say "Please, kill me...". Ha, ha... He still got it. My point is (in your mouth)... 1)You can't trade life (my mom:"He's not mine you can't prove it.") 2)Bringing the dead back to life would be painful, and messy. And 3)Why didn't you answer my last post? Oh well...

Robert Landrigan | November 24, 2006 05:27 PM

Woot! Android's Dream, i've found, is one of the best 'Gateway' Sci-fi books yet - after loaning my copy to 3 people(all of whom ran out to get their own after getting a few chapters into it), it's exciting that there's another book in that universe.

Seriously - it's really really cool that you have so much on your plate - the worst feeling in the world I think I ever felt was when I read the last Heinlein book... so, you know, don't die or stop writing!

Andrew Cory | November 25, 2006 03:37 AM

Oh goodie! Then I'll just have to eagerly await the ARC of Last Colony, and then the sequel to Android's dream (do you have a title picked out yet?)...

Are you doing a promo tour for Last Colony?

Dave | November 25, 2006 08:57 AM

Just finished TAD yesterday, and was hoping to see a bit more of Judge Sn. Hopefully his assassination doesn't get in the way of him having at least three meaty dialogue sections, as well as his golf game.

JR | November 26, 2006 05:11 PM

Happy Turkey day. While I may not be a long time #1 stalking fan, I will be sure to make it a Scalzi X-mas for the extended family. OMW, TGB, and TAD will be entering several clans this year. Congrats on success.

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