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September 28, 2006

You Little Witch


Athena's been pestering me for a number of days to make a picture of her as the Wicked Witch of the West, so here we are. I do have a version where she has green skin, incidentally, but for some reason this works better for me. I'm oddly amused she wants a picture of herself as the witch but not as, say, Dorothy; this says something about my little girl.

Posted by john at September 28, 2006 06:02 PM

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Kevin Marks | September 28, 2006 06:27 PM

Have you get her Pratchett's Tiffany Aching series yet? Excellent books on practical witchcraft.

Steve Buchheit | September 28, 2006 07:12 PM

We all knew you had a cool little girl. Now she just needs to work on her cackle.

Livia Llewellyn | September 28, 2006 07:46 PM

If you've read Wicked, then it most certainly says something about your little girl. Good luck with those teen years, Dad! ;D

Mary Robinette Kowal | September 28, 2006 07:49 PM

I like how the handle to the door in the background becomes Glenda's bubble. I can imagine Athena about to reach down and pop it.

Anne C. | September 28, 2006 07:51 PM

You're surprised she wants to be like her dad, Mr. Satan, Prince O'Darkness? Clearly, she looks up to you. Poor lass. ;)

Its a secret | September 28, 2006 08:58 PM

John, I'd just like you to know that you are considered subversive enough by EMC Corp of Hopkinton MA to be blocked by the companies content filtering firewall. I used to be a regular visitor but have not been able visit in several weeks since they started blocking you. I finally had time at home to stop in and say.

Dave | September 28, 2006 09:16 PM

As someone who just acquired, at great effort, a copy of
Lost Girls
as a present for his wife, I'm officially, totally, and irrevocably Not Going There.

Amazing just how far a concept can be stretched.

Chang | September 28, 2006 09:48 PM

Now that looks like a Maxfield PArrish.

Dave | September 28, 2006 09:57 PM

John, I'd just like you to know that you are considered subversive enough by EMC Corp of Hopkinton MA to be blocked by the companies content filtering firewall.

Cat-bacon. Get's 'em every time.

Cambias | September 28, 2006 10:14 PM

Margaret Hamilton as the WWW in the film is just too great for words. She's one of the top three movie villains (along with Darth Vader and Blofeld).

The Witch of the West in the book is more physically horrid (she has only one eye, but that can see great distances -- shades of Sauron), equally sadistic, but is afraid of the dark.

As a serious Baum fan I confess to having a serious beef with Gregory Maguire for not having done the reading before he wrote Wicked.

J | September 28, 2006 10:31 PM

Honestly, knowing the little I know about your daughter, and knowing what I know about her dad, I'm not that surprised. That, or maybe she just had too much schadenfreude pie.

Mark DF | September 29, 2006 12:19 AM

Awesome job. Care to share the basic process? I'm fumbling around a bit with PaintShop Pro and can guess how you did some.

Athena rules!

Wan Zafran | September 29, 2006 08:23 AM

Just a question I hope you wouldn't mind answering, John -- when and how did you build up your Photoshop skills?

John Scalzi | September 29, 2006 08:26 AM

I've just been playing with Photoshop for years is all. And I'm not nearly as good with it as all sorts of graphic designers I could name.

Paul | September 29, 2006 10:12 AM

John, I'd just like you to know that you are considered subversive enough by EMC Corp of Hopkinton MA to be blocked by the companies content filtering firewall.

Likewise, I am blocked at work from visiting John's site for the same reason. The blanket blocking of LJ by my place of employment is understandable, but it seems that John's site is subversive enough that, even though it stands alone, that its lumped in as inappropriate.

John Scalzi | September 29, 2006 10:26 AM

It's interesting to be singled out by filtering software. I wonder what the excuse is.

I suspect it's because I taped bacon to a cat. And you just don't do that.

Catja (green_knight) | September 29, 2006 12:41 PM

My library system filters anything on blogspot as 'adult material' - including Writers Beware etc.

The more I see of filtering, the less I like it. I don't think that kids who access flickr will be permanently scarred for life...

Anonymous | October 1, 2006 11:15 PM

Face it, the Wicked Witch had all the best lines, man.

Or, maybe, with Halloween coming up, she is in the mind of witches, and Edith Hamilton is the best representative she knows?

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