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January 03, 2006

How The Blogoverse Ends

So, the bad news is, according to this, I end my days homeless and pigeonholing passersby in increasingly desperate attempts to get their attention once the Internet collapses.

The good news is, all my online friends are there with me. Go me!

Posted by john at January 3, 2006 12:20 PM

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Cherie Priest | January 3, 2006 12:47 PM

Not with a flamewar, but a whimper?

John Scalzi | January 3, 2006 12:55 PM

A wild-eyed whimper!

Joe Hass | January 3, 2006 01:40 PM

But John, you'll have the advantage of a pre-printed *book* of all your old items! Once you get them hooked by that clever sign up there, you can try to strongarm them into buying the book. It's that poor Cory Doctrow fellow I'll be crossing the street to avoid.

Kevin Q | January 3, 2006 02:20 PM

[Visits Link]
[/End Visit Link]

Ehh, I don't get it.


SAP | January 3, 2006 02:24 PM

So move over and stop hogging the heated grate.

ParanoidAndroid | January 3, 2006 04:56 PM

Does this mean we'll be seeing you fanatically right-clicking a rather polished, mouse-like rock near a chemical drum filled with flaming debris, even as you destroy the desk you have it on to keep the fire going?

Oh, the humanity....

JonathanMoeller | January 3, 2006 05:03 PM

Myself, I plan to start "Ex-Blogger Gladiators", and pay former bloggers three cents an hour to fight for the amusement of sadistic businessmen.

John Scalzi | January 3, 2006 05:30 PM

Jonathan, no one would pay money to see bloggers slap fight.

Unless we decide to give the term "flame war" and exciting literal meaning....!

JonathanMoeller | January 3, 2006 07:19 PM

Yeah...I suppose spending all day in an office chair, munching Doritos, would *not* make one into a sleek fighting machine...

RONW | January 3, 2006 08:44 PM

....Mr. Nostradramas : )

simon | January 3, 2006 11:58 PM

... uhn... Hard to type with this squeegie getting in the way... Do your windshield? Yeah that's right, the mop bucket is also the the tip jar. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Anne C. | January 4, 2006 01:53 AM

I imagine that world peace and a cure for AIDS and cancer can't be far behind. All that time and energy freed up for accomplishment instead of b.s.ing. ;)

Jim | January 4, 2006 11:43 AM

Totally off topic, but have you seen the problem Ralph Nader and Public Citizen have caused for your friend Teresa Nielsen Hayden?

John Scalzi | January 4, 2006 12:09 PM

Yes, I saw that. Quite clearly, I feel for TNH and PNH, and am looking into the situation more to see what I can do that would be useful.

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