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February 16, 2005

"Agent" Info and Appearance Reminder


Gaze upon the advance uncorrected proofs of Agent to the Stars, of which I was sent five. It's very nice to see the novel in actual booklike form.

Those of you who have expressed interest in owning a copy will want to make sure you're loitering about the site at the end of the month, when more information will be forthcoming. Remember that this will be a limited, signed hardcover edition with cover art by Gabe of Penny Arcade(aka Mike Krahulik), so ordering early might be a not bad idea.

Also a reminder: I'll be doing a chat/signing at the Dayton Barnes and Noble on Saturday, February 19 between 6:30 and 8:30 (pm) for Book of the Dumb 2, although I will be happy to discuss Old Man's War and other writings, and to autograph those books as well. If you happen to be in southwest Ohio this Saturday and have little better to do on a weekend night, come harass me.

Posted by john at February 16, 2005 11:56 PM

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Soni | February 17, 2005 02:31 AM

Those of you who have expressed interest in owning a copy will want to make sure you're loitering about the site at the end of the month

Let's see...tent goes over there, grill goes...uh...there, cooler next to it. Lawn chair, check. Tunes, check. Creepy stalker binocs and a stack of infill reading material. Check.

Okay, I'm all set. Beats camping out for game tickets any day.

Jim Winter | February 17, 2005 08:00 AM

Here's the irony. I'm using the opportunity to chat with the Dayton Borders manager about an appearance next month.

Go figure.

Hogarth | February 17, 2005 08:45 AM

cover art by Gabe of Penny Arcade

This reminds me of a recurring question that I have - reading Old Man's War reminded me of it:

Do the people doing the cover art ever actually read the book? The art (particularly on SF books, but also on those romance books the wife reads) never seems to capture the story. In the case of OMW, the primary character was an old man for only a small portion of the story. Had I been the artist, and had I read the book, I think I would have been more inclined to use the younger, slightly green character for the cover art.

Anyway, loved the book, and got a kick out of the reference to Greeneville/Darke County. My grandmother lived in the shadow of the Greenville courthouse for years.

John Scalzi | February 17, 2005 08:51 AM

"Do the people doing the cover art ever actually read the book?"

It depends on deadlines and other issues. Often they do, sometimes they don't.

Uncle.Chachi | February 17, 2005 12:12 PM

I seem to remember Tycho linking to the old version of the site years back [can't forget the ".htm"!], where I purchased my first Scalzi novel. Actually, I think I bought a couple copies.

Hogarth | February 17, 2005 02:28 PM

deadlines and other issues

That makes sense.

Hey, next time you're headed west on 36 towards Greenville, just west of Gettysburg take a look at the horse farm on the left, the one with the long gravel driveway. That's my parents' place. You're practically neighbors!

Tripp | February 17, 2005 03:26 PM


Interesting. In my view the primary character of OMW started and remained an old man. Hence the title.

hogarth | February 17, 2005 04:55 PM

At heart, yes. Externally, no. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the art or being too literal with it.

OMW may or may not have been a bad example for my question - but it really is something I've wondered about with other SF books. Never had a chance to ask an author about it before, though.

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