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November 24, 2004

Musical Selection: Thanksgiving Edition

Here's an entire album for you: What is Hip? Which features a bunch of hip-hop dudes remixing white-bread hits from the 70s from the Warner Bros. vaults. It's not bad, and for some odd reason I find the version of Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver," remixed by the Supreme Beings of Leisure, surprisingly compelling, and not too egregiously hip-hopped-up (you'll need to hit the forward button a few clicks to find it; I'm sure you're competent to handle that). If you can't handle not having the album for your very own, there's a buy it now button. I'm linking directly to the flash player, by the way. Here's the actual site.

Stuff yourselves silly tomorrow; See you Monday.

Posted by john at November 24, 2004 12:53 PM

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JamesG | November 24, 2004 03:15 PM

I agree that the "Dream Weaver" remix was very compelling, but I think the Devo "Whip it" remix was my favorite of the lot.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I for one, plan to stuff myself into a food coma. My Aunt only makes large batches of Cannolis twice a year and tomorrow is one of those days.

Darkhawk | November 25, 2004 03:00 AM

I now find myself with a strange impulse to send you my cousin's hip-hop album in the remote possibility that you might do for him what Instapundit did for you. ;)

Uncle Chachi | November 29, 2004 11:34 PM

Augh, he said Monday and he didn't show up :(

John Scalzi | November 29, 2004 11:52 PM

Sorry -- running late on lots of stuff.

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