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March 26, 2004

And Now, Some Music

You know, I was going to write a piece on politics, but the mere thought of doing so crushed me with such a wave of nausea and bile that I decided that I'd just fiddle around with my music sequencing program and maybe put together a composition instead. Here it is. I call it "Perfect Moment," because that's the title that popped into my head. It's a streaming Real Audio file, and yes, I know Real Audio is evil. But that what my ISP allows to stream off its servers. Take it up with them.

P.S. -- If you do want to read me rant about politics, remember I'm still doing a guest blogger stint at the Detroit News' Politics Blog. Here's the link to the whole blog. If you just want my spoutage, here's that link.

Posted by john at March 26, 2004 03:52 PM

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