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June 27, 2003


Well, that's taken care of: I am now represented in fiction by the Ethan Ellenberg Agency of New York, or will be as soon as I officially sign the contracts which they are sending along. I continue to be represented in non-fiction by the Robert Shepard Agency of San Francisco, and I live in Ohio, so I suppose I'm well-represented nationwide.

Posted by john at June 27, 2003 11:37 AM

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_Jon | June 27, 2003 12:07 PM


It must feel good to know that someone else thinks your creativity and perseverance is good enough for them to make a living off of it.

Bill Peschel | June 27, 2003 06:37 PM

Uh, John, the Web site at the Robert Shepard Agency says they deal with "serious non-fiction books." Does that include prestigious titles as "The Book of the Dumb" and the "Uncle John" series?

John Scalzi | June 27, 2003 10:25 PM

Actually, no. The Uncle John's stuff I got into by selling them articles, which are not handled by Robert (he handles books, not articles). So my relationship is with them directly.