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April 27, 2006

Suburban Excursion

(Note: Written my first year of college. If you can't guess, it's lyrics to a concept album. You'll just have to imagine the Floydian grandeur of the music. It's very Gen X, circa 1987, which is to say, before Kurt Cobian and Nirvana wandered by to say hello.)

Suburban Excursion

Part I

Prelude (Right After World War II)

Right after World War II
We didn't quite know what to do
With all of the soldiers coming home
So these men both bold and brave
The men who saved the day
Were given a new world for their own.

In the shadow of the city
They built suburbia
New homes tacked up day by day
And these men both brave and bold
Quietly did what they were told
Left in tract homes to fade away.

And their children lived on love
And their grandchildren on drugs
And with the sun setting on their lives
They knew what had been done
To their lives and hopes and dreams
The look of wasted life in their eyes.

Your Life and Mine

You live in your world
I live in mine
And never the twain shall meet
You have got your life
And I've got one too
And we don't step on each other's feet
You can't include me
So you just elude me
And it turns out that it seems
That you live in your world
And I live in mine
We're living off all of our dreams.

Safely in your world
Happy in mine
On with our own lives we go
You never hoping
And I never thinking
We'll ever have chances to know
You won't call to me
So I won't talk to you
And it turns out that it seems
Locked into your wold
Trapped into mine
We're choking on all of our dreams.

Part of a Dream (i)

Do you think it will matter when we all turn to dust
Do you think that the things which to us mean so much
Will turn out to be
A part of a dream?

Do you think what we feel what we know what we trust
Would all of these things be so important to us
If it turned out to be
A part of a dream?

Everyone Happy

Everyone Happy
Everyone Smiling
Everyone secretly
Groping and hiding
Get away from it all!
Let's take a vacation
A nation of weirdos
A whole generation
Spiritually null
Mentally void
Remember the winner
Has the most toys
Nothing to win
Nothing to lose
Nothing to hope for
Nothing to choose
But we will go on
Diguising our dying
Everyone happy
Everyone smiling.

I Can't Let Go

Saw your face in a photograph
Saw your smile and your hair tied back
In a bow like it used to be
In a time when you were here with me

And I can't let go now.

Part of a Dream (ii)

A thousand things
Spark my memories into reality
A million words
Remind me of what was said between you and me

It's part of a dream
Everything real
Slipped away from me

A hundred lies
Bring to life the wound that you cut into me
A single truth
Could bring about a change but you can't see

It's part of a dream
Everything real
Slipped away from me

Don't close your eyes
Don't let this become just another dream
Don't close your mind
And bring about the change that is the end of me

Part of a dream
Don't let this be
Just part of a dream........

(end Part I)

(Part II)

Close the Door

I can tell by how the covers rise and fall
That you're asleep, in dreams above it all
The are those things about which we never speak
So now I'll speak, talking in your sleep

Dearling dear, you know I fear
That we have fallen to the rear
And all the dreams we had between us
Have slipped away, instead they leave us
Bills to pay, rent to owe
And though we have nice things to show
My heart knows that I could have done something more
Darling, did we close the door?

Darling dear, you know I see
The spaces between you and me
Become like potholes in the pavement
But we hide our problems in the basement
And buy a new modern convenience
Celebrate modern man's achievement
It's our own pain we can afford to ignore
Darling, will you help me close the door?

I can tell by how you mutter in your sleep
The pain is there, our wounds are cut in deep
And when we wake, we'll start the day once more
Try not see the closing of the door.

I Think It's You

I can't get unwound
I'm wrapped up much too tight
Small things that most ignore
Keep me up all night

I see all these people
In the shadows by the door
I know they cannot be there
And that scares me even more

I think it's you
You're doing this to me
Makes sense that you
Would do this thing to me
I know it's you
(Don't Hide)
I know it's you
(Don't Hide)

Stay away from the phone
Don't call my number
Don't tap on the window
Don't disturb my slumber

I'm not going to trust you
As you would have me do
Someone's made me a raw nerve
And so I watch your every move

I think it's you
You're doing this to me
Makes sense that you
Would do this thing to me
I know it's you
(Don't Hide)
I know it's you
(Don't Hide)

No! I won't sit down
No! I won't talk about it
No! I won't calm down
No! You lousy hypocrite

I think it's you.

What Have We Done

What have we done?
What new thing have we placed before the sun?
What have we done?
Into what blind alley did we duck and run?


Daddy did you sell out
Daddy did you bail out
Daddy did you pass the buck
Or stuff it in your pocket

Mother did you stand up
Mother did you stay up
Mother when you gave your heart
Did you replace it with a locket

Don't yell at me
Did you do the world any good
Why didn't you save it
Like you said you would

You shouldn't make a promise
You know that you can't keep
Shouldn't tilt the mill at the top of the hill
If you think the hill's too steep
Don't ask me to believe
When it looks like this to me

Looks like we got bought again
Looks like we got sold out again
Looks like we got jerked off again
Couldn't keep those promises

Who owns you father
Who owns you mother
Who holds your chain
It won't happen again

Not to me no way
Not to me please
Not to me no way
Not to me please

I promise


Can we hold our world together
Say we can
Can we bare our hearts together
Say we can
Can we build again together
Say we can
I know we can

I believe (epilogue)

I know this may seem
A little strange to hear from me
But after everything I've seen
After everything that's been
You know I still believe
I still believe

It take more than your eyes to see
It takes more than your ears to hear
It takes more than a hand to give
Or a heart to hold one dear

It takes more than you can get
From the words of these songs I sing
And because I see this in you
You know that I believe

I believe
I believe in what can be
I believe in you
Will you believe in me

I believe
I believe despite our history
And I'm happy
Although I shouldn't be
(I believe)

The distance down is so very great
For a leap to be made by faith
It's a miracle that I will leap at all
But I believe you would catch my fall.

I believe.

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