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Questions for a Soldier -- an Old Man's War Tale

Publishing Date: December 2005 (Subterranean Press)

10 Words or Less: Short story set in the Old Man's War universe

Cover Blurbage: This short story, sold in limited edition chapbook form, offers a glimpse into the life of Old Man's War protagonist John Perry, after the events of that book. The story takes the form of a question and answer session between Perry and a group of colonials, and offers details on Perry's life in the service and further thoughts on the nature of the universe Perry, the settlers and the Colonial Union inhabit. Limited to 574 standard copies and 26 deluxe lettered editions. Illustrated by Hugo-winning artist Bob Eggleton.

Personal Notes: Because John Perry doesn't pop up in the official sequel to Old Man's War (The Ghost Brigades), it was a lot of fun to be able to bring him back here. Be aware that this isn't a full novel; it's a short story chapbook, specifically designed for collectors in mind. Bob Eggleton's illustrations for this, incidentally, are insanely great (that's one you see above).

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